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Dynamic modelling of the forest value chain – Monitor what you manage

Incorporating multiple objectives to forest management planning does not only support sustainable operations, but can also provide valuable insight in (and of) the changing environment.

  • Forests are subject to developing regulation and new market mechanisms, that can enable new business opportunities within the forest sector.
  • Holistic monitoring of forests serves also as risk management as the exact impacts of climate change to ecosystems are unknown.
    Total environmental impact is no longer a good-to-know but a must-know in the forest sector.

How different objectives are integrated in the forest value chain? Learn more about the topic from this document as part of a Smart Forestry document series which provide insight to advanced forest asset management.

Holistic forest management (or again ‘advanced forest asset management’) is a defining factor towards mitigation of climate change. As in many sectors, here also digital enablers and operational efficiency present significant opportunities that benefit the environment, society and businesses.

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