Integrated Forest Information System

Modern forest information system supports forest managers in overseeing forestry operations and predicting the future development of their forests. Forest management information systems store and update all data collected from the forests and enable precise execution of forest inventory, silvicultural operations and timber harvesting.


  • Base forest management decisions on facts and understand the impacts
  • Full visibility and control of assets and operations
  • Communicate data to stakeholders through integrations and mobile apps
  • Obtain added value from forest big data

Target audiences

  • Forest management organisations
  • Forest owners
  • Schools and universities
  • Forest investors

Digital tools for sustainable forest management

Digital tools as enablers

Modern software tools allow forestry experts to correctly align forest management with their objectives and values. 

In practice, digital tools support forest managers by providing accurate information of the current state and development of the trees, forest, and operations. By providing forest managers with up-to-date information and streamlining data-sharing with other stakeholders (e.g. contractors), forest managers can base their decisions on facts, swiftly communicate these decisions and closely follow-up on results.

The clear structure of the ForestKIT system facilitates the perception of various functions and features, the maps are clear in off-road use and the reports are clear and comprehensive.

Janne Aikio, Metsäpalveluyrittäjä, user of the ForestKIT system

New generation of Forest Management Information Systems

The new generation of forest management information systems can utilize forest big data received from remote sensing inventories, forest machines and field workers. Such data can be used to calculate alternative forest management scenarios which seek to optimise the balance between all economic, ecologic and social objectives of forest management.

What software is used


Forest Management Information Systems

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Fleet monitoring

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Strategic planning

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Tactical planning

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Mobile apps for field workers

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Drone based inventories

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