Forest Supply Chain Management

Wood procurement managers need to stay updated on the harvesting operations and transportation of timber. This can be challenging when weather conditions, machine breakdowns and communication problems can cause unexpected delays in the operations. Simosol’s tools for supply chain tracking and management of forestry operations enable full real-time visibility to operations and introduce a platform for improved communication.


  • Increased visibility without additional requirements for active reporting
  • Obtain better data for operational improvement and productivity assessment
  • Improve safety of machine operators
  • Obtain information on the cloud from all types of machines, including old ones
  • Get real-time data of machine fuel consumption and other key variables

Target audiences

  • Operation managers
  • Forest machine companies
  • Construction companies
  • Managers of contractor network
  • Wood procurement managers

Tools for tracking and management of operations

Collect, visualize and communicate data

Forest supply chain includes operations such as felling, bucking, forwarding, loading,and transportation of wood to either terminals or mills. To keep track of the operations, regardless if partially or fully mechanized, large amounts of emails and phone calls are often needed. Through our sensor-based solutions for machinery, managers can obtain real-time information not only on machinery location, but also on the ongoing work stages and the time spent on each stage.

Real-time tracking of machines

IoT-sensors provide capabilities for monitoring machine operations in real-time, without increasing the workload of the machine operator and allowing them to focus on their core expertise – piloting the machine and making silvicultural decisions. Simosol’s monitoring solution automatically detects machinery status (incl. location and activity) while providing a comprehensive visualization of the complete machinery fleet in real-time.

Communicate tasks with mobile app

Managing the execution of silvicultural activities, such as planting or weeding operations, involves communicating information which includes the location of the site, species, planting density and much more. Simosol’s mobile application offers field workers access to relevant data about sites and tasks, as well as features to communicate the progress of operations back to managers

What software is used


Fleet monitoring

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Mobile apps for field workers

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