Forest Management Optimisation

The optimisation of forest management delivers forest management plans which meet management objectives as closely as possible. Optimisation finds the best possible combination of harvests and silvicultural operations while considering the current forest structure, forest growth conditions, business objectives and sustainability criteria.


  • Correctly align forest management with the corporate objectives and values
  • Compare your present operations to optimal management plan and identify what to improve
  • Understand the long term opportunities and management requirements of your forest asset
  • Improve operational efficiency by utilizing spatial optimisation of harvests and silviculture

Target audiences

  • Wood procurement departments
  • Forest management companies
  • Operation planners

Optimal forestry at strategic and operational level

From asset-wide harvesting volumes to weekly operational plan

In the context of forest management, a strategic forest plan allows a clear understanding of the long term timber yields and the silviculture and harvesting activities which would be required. Strategic plans also serve as the basis of forest asset valuations. Long-term planning tools also delineate management paths to ensure sustainable productivity and reveal carbon sequestration impacts.

Once the strategic level plan is formulated, it is time to put it into practice. Spatial optimisation provides the means to automatically create harvesting clusters that minimize unnecessary machine transportation and provide a starting point for operational planners. The spatial optimisation uses the location of the forest stands, road networks and other auxiliary GIS datasets to formulate a harvest schedule that is also feasible from a harvesting operator’s point of view.

What software is used


Strategic planning

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Tactical planning

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Forest Management Information Systems

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E-service platforms

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How this solution was used


Strategic planning for forestry enterprises

Integrated forest planning tools for automated annual updating of forest inventory databases and for company-level annual planning. Tools for managing and automatically updating their laser inventory databases. Integration with IPTIM Assets used for company planning and by the land use management team for valuation and cash flow modeling. A QGIS plugin for controlling the system. GeoServer integration for providing the results as WMS layers.

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