Digital Earth

Digital Earth services scale-up the geographical scope from a national and continental level to a global scale by leveraging advanced satellite data analytics and powerful cloud computing environments. Recent technological advancements, and an exponentially growing availability of earth observation data, allow us to map, analyse, monitor, and simulate forests at a planetary scale.


  • Forest and carbon inventories at scale – AOIs from thousand square kilometres to millions of square kilometres
  • Cost-efficiencies from freely available satellite data
  • Possibility for improved accuracies and spot analysis with higher resolution data
  • Algorithm-based cloud computing for efficient repetition of the analysis for monitoring purposes

Target audiences

  • Forest owners and impact investors with low data availability
  • Regional and national governmental agencies
  • International governmental and non-governmental organizations

Forest information on planetary scale

The amount and availability of Earth observation data collected by an increasing number of satellites is growing rapidly. At the same time, data storage, together with processing and computation capacities are taking gigantic leaps every year. Futuristic ideas presented 5 years ago are considered as standard in today’s world. Machine learning and deep learning algorithms are enabling unforeseen analytical applications while minimizing manual work.

Simosol’s Digital Earth services leverage these technological advancements by knitting together the state-of-the-art forest inventory and growth simulation solutions with scalable Earth observation data and advanced data analytics.

As a result, we offer a strong portfolio of products and services, including regional wall-to-wall forest resource inventories, inventory audits, forest carbon mapping, and the construction of continental- and planetary-scale digital twins of forests (which allow an accurate forecast of their future development).

These solutions empower our clients’ decision making process by better capturing the way in which forests (and their carbon stocks) develop under changing climatic conditions or under different forest management regulation schemes.

What software is used


Strategic planning

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Large scale assessments

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How this solution was used


Mapping and analyzing bioenergy potential at a national scale in Pakistan

Nationwide mapping of crop residues for energy production potential using satellite image analysis, extensive field data collection, and GIS modelling.

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Juho Penttilä

Head of Carbon and Earth Services

+358 407767945

Juho is heading the Natural Climate Solutions, developing and commercializing our carbon related product portfolio. Building on top of solid track-record as an expert in sustainable forest management, forest resource assessment, and forest investment advisory, he is heading the integration of climate smart forestry into our forestry IT and advisory solutions.

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