Carbon Accounting

Systematic and continuous reporting of climate impacts is a prerequisite for transparent communication and accountability of sustainability statements and claims. Our carbon accounting service does exactly this – it provides systematic annual carbon impact reporting based on best available science and transparent methodologies.


  • Systematic reporting of annual carbon impacts
  • Comprehensive carbon impact model to capture the real climate impacts of forest management
  • Transparent methodology based on best available science
  • Integration with our other services and products such as forest valuation services and IPTIM-software

Target audiences

  • Forest investors
  • Impact investors
  • Forest owners and managers
  • Forest industries

Continuous and systematic reporting of forest carbon impacts

Reporting of quantified climate impacts is becoming a core figure in companies’ annual sustainability reporting frameworks. For forest investors, these figures are asked more often than not in parallel with financial performance parameters. To serve this need, Simosol’s carbon accounting service provides a solution for systematic, transparent, and comprehensive reporting of annual carbon impacts from forests and forestry activities.


System components of the carbon accounting report

The key components included in the carbon accounting system are:

  1. Standing stock biomass
  2. Soil organic carbon stock
  3. Harvested wood products
  4. Operational emissions
  5. Substitution impact of the wood products

Depending on the applied reporting framework and the included system components, the results are delivered in a format and structure that serves best the needs of the client. For example, while the net annual change in the standing stock biomass and soil organic carbon stocks might be the core metric for a forest owner, estimation of downstream impacts can be automatically included to capture also indirect impacts of the applied forest management activities as a whole.

What software is used


Strategic planning

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Forest Management Information Systems

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Fleet monitoring

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FRESCOS carbon calculation

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Metsä ja Puut automated valuation

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How this solution was used


Annual carbon balance including forest assets, carbon in wood-based products and company activity carbon emissions

Annual carbon balance of the largest private forest owner in Finland, including forest assets (carbon standing stock and soil), carbon in wood-based products and company activity carbon emissions. Strategic long-term carbon impact assessment.

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Annual carbon accounting for an institutional forest investor

Annual carbon accounting for an institutional forest investor, including estimating of the current carbon storage in biomass, soil organic carbon and harvested wood products, assessment of the annual carbon sequestration potential, and a forecast of the annual net carbon balance.

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Our People to Help You

Juho Penttilä

Head of Carbon and Earth Services

+358 407767945

Juho is heading the Natural Climate Solutions, developing and commercializing our carbon related product portfolio. Building on top of solid track-record as an expert in sustainable forest management, forest resource assessment, and forest investment advisory, he is heading the integration of climate smart forestry into our forestry IT and advisory solutions.

Victoria Poljatschenko

Forest Carbon Expert

+358 503304800

Victoria develops and commercializes our carbon modelling services. Her academic background is in Forest Bioeconomy Business and Policy at the University of Helsinki. Having studied the overall climate impact of Finnish forest industry, she is specialized on the substitution effect of wood use.

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