Natural Climate Solutions

The role of forests and sustainable forestry in the fight against climate change is becoming an increasingly important factor in capturing the true value of forest ecosystems. Our Natural Climate Solutions bring forest carbon into our client’s core decision making procedures, paving clear paths on how to value and manage forests for the sustainable future of our planet. 

Accurate Quantification of Climate Impacts of Forests and Forestry

Our Natural Climate Solutions solve forest-climate-puzzles by integrating climate impacts to the core solutions of Simosol, building on more than 10 years of experience in knitting together modern IT technologies and forestry.

Forests as ecosystems play a critical role in regulating the climatic conditions on our planet. In the context of climate change and global warming, forests sequestrate and store carbon in the biomass, therefore reducing the carbon concentration in the atmosphere. This biomass can still provide other benefits in parallel, such as improving and protecting biodiversity values and other ecosystem services, while providing a sustainable source of renewable raw material for many products and commodities. Not only is carbon locked away in these products, but new forests can continue to sequester more carbon from the atmosphere.


Solutions for Managing and Valuing Forests as Part of Climate Efforts and Commitments


Carbon Accounting

Carbon accounting provides systematic reporting of annual carbon impacts of a forest asset or a forestry project as a continuous service.

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Impact Investments & Forest Valuations

Impact investments and forest valuations services support clients in capturing the financial value of forests including income streams from both timber sales and carbon crediting.

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Digital Earth

Digital Earth services scale-up forest inventories and forest carbon to continental and global scale by leveraging advanced satellite data analytics.

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About Forests and Climate

However, the resulting climate impact of forests (and their management) is highly complex. Forests do not grow equally in space and time. Different tree species and species-combinations generate diverse stand dynamics. Forest growth can also be impacted by management activities, or it can change drastically due to natural disturbances.

Over time, significant quantities of carbon can also be stored in the soil through various stages of decomposition. And these direct forest impacts are just the tip of the iceberg. Downstream carbon impacts are dependent on what products are manufactured, how these are produced, what is the end-use, and what are the alternative products (and their alternative climate impacts).

The Real Climate Impact

There’s also a loop back to forests – while the products are being produced and used, their real climate impact over time is very much connected to various considerations such as the decision to regenerate the harvested areas, the species, the objectives and the capability of these new forests to sequester carbon.

Solving this puzzle for each unique forest and forestry case can be a cumbersome task, but it is imperative if we want to capture the real value of forests and make truly impactful decisions and actions. With Simosol’s Natural Climate Solutions you can start making these steps, today.

“It’s a pleasure to execute forestry IT projects with Simosol. They know from half a word what we want and need… and they deliver it.”

– Risto Laamanen, Information Systems Manager, Metsähallitus

Our People to Help You

Juho Penttilä

Head of Carbon and Earth Services

+358 407767945

Juho is heading the Natural Climate Solutions, developing and commercializing Simosol’s carbon related product portfolio. Building on top of solid track-record as an expert in sustainable forest management, forest resource assessment, and forest investment advisory, he is heading the integration of climate smart forestry into Simosol’s forestry IT and advisory solutions.

Miika Malmström

Head of Forest Valuations

+358 503038066

Miika is heading Simosol’s forest valuation business including the implementation, development and sales of the related services and products. He has nine years of diverse project-work experience in the forest sector including assignments related to forestry, forest industry, forest policy and field experience from 16 different countries. His main expertise is forest economics with a focus on forest valuations and investments.

Victoria Poljatschenko

Forest Carbon Expert

+358 503304800

Victoria develops and commercializes Simosol’s carbon modelling services. Her academic background is in Forest Bioeconomy Business and Policy at the University of Helsinki. Having studied the overall climate impact of Finnish forest industry, she is specialized on the substitution effect of wood use.

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