Forestry software IPTIM

The heart of our modern solutions and the enabler of our precision forestry and natural climate solutions, is IPTIM, a modular software which offers an easy integration to external IT ecosystems (accounting systems or ERPs). IPTIM modules introduced below allow full customisation for your needs.

Integrated forest management information system

IPTIM Manager

The data from forestry projects is typically vast, requiring not only the management and processing of the data, but also the communication with multiple stakeholders. When incorporating thousands of forest owners into any project, complexity increases fast. Simosol’s forest management information systems support the communication between strategic stakeholders (incl. forest owners) and empowers managers with robust tools to manage and process forest data, IPTIM Manager includes the tools to manage your maps and process your forest data with ease.

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Tactical planning

IPTIM Operations

Forest plans can sometimes be feasible in theory but unviable in practice. Realistic plans must consider the location of harvests, road requirements, machinery availability, and many other things. IPTIM Operations delivers optimised plans which take these into account, always ensuring site-accessibility, minimisation of road and transportation costs, and the correct positioning of machinery and field teams. These tactical plans, which cover 1-10 years of operations, are crucial for actual operational efficiency.

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Strategic planning

IPTIM Assets

A forest’s long life cycle puts strategic planning at the heart of its management. Key stakeholders require plans which feed on vast amounts of data and delineate the most sustainable and profitable pathway for the future. IPTIM Assets enables users to quickly generate optimised forest management plans, compare alternative scenarios, and manage all of your forest data in a single platform. Customised reports and projections of key variables allow our clients to analyse each strategic option at the depth they require. IPTIM Assets is also your go-to tool for easy, yet precise, forest valuations.

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Fleet monitoring

IPTIM SupplySense

Machines are key components of forest supply chains. However, many companies either shy away from monitoring old machines or focus only on location-tracking. IPTIM SupplySense is an IoT solution using an “easy to install” sensor for any type of machinery – forwarders, harvesters, loaders, bulldozers. It delivers data not only on location, but more importantly on activity timelogs, topography, weather and more. We therefore extend the usefulness of any machinery, allowing them to feed forestry plans with accurate real-life data – making them ever more accurate.

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E-service platforms


IPTIM OptiOps delivers automated forest management plan generation, as well as automated analytics and reporting. A common use case is to generate alternative forest management plans to forest owners for them to choose from, creating a critical communication channel with roundwood buyers as well as forestry service providers.

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Mobile apps for field workers

IPTIM Mobile

Plans from the office need to be executed in the forest. Efficient operations therefore require tasks to be quickly communicated, closely monitored and correctly supported, IPTIM Mobile is a mobile application which supports the monitoring and execution of field tasks. Each task includes key information like location, key forest attributes and the option to communicate its progress. Users can also see their location in maps and send notes to their managers who can then quickly react (and replan) in case of any divergence from the original plan.

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Large scale assessments

IPTIM Earth Observation

For big requirements we deliver big solutions. The key is to turn any forest and its supply chain into a model – creating what we call a “digital twin”. This allows us to map large forest and agricultural areas and deliver inventories of tens or hundreds of thousands of hectares. Optimal location of bioenergy or processing plants is one of our specialties, as well as pre-feasibility analyses and Due Diligence studies requiring a holistic approach from the complete supply chain.

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Forest estate valuation in Finland

Metsä ja Puut

Metsä ja Puut offers a quick valuation of any forest estate in Finland. Metsä ja Puut service combines three different forest values into one report, which helps the users of the report to make informed buying and selling decisions, as well as helps in other matters that require valuation.

Metsä ja Puut service contains three differently defined values that can be used in determining the value of the forest. It is the only valuation service that gives the market value of any Finnish forest estate. In addition, Metsä ja Puut report includes also the summation value and income value estimates. The report also includes key figures related to carbon sequestration as well as logging suggestions.

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Forest carbon calculation


Understanding carbon and other climate-impacts of any forestry operations is now a top priority. However, the market is flooded with inaccu FRESCOS is our response to this need. It is a tool for calculating the carbon sequestration of any forestry or agroforestry project. Importantly, the tool is open access and free to use by anyone, therefore allowing its utilisation by any size or type of organisation. The tool allows calculation of annual net carbon impact as well as longer term scenario analysis up to 100 years. The tool is ideal first step for estimation of annual emission removals, evaluating investment options, and choosing the correct strategy for achieving climate targets.

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Drone based inventories

IPTIM Treewise & metsä

Precision forestry starts with inventory data. And when it comes to precision, the best option is individual-tree inventories. Our solution IPTIM Treewise is based on data from specially equipped UAVs (drones), from which we can identify and measure each individual tree in your forest. Volume estimations are more accurate, and plans become more operationally-efficient. IPTIM Treewise delivers this solution to forest owners as informative, yet easy-to-understand forest management plans.

Metsä brings this solution to Finnish forest owners who can then edit stand boundaries and obtain valuations of their forest assets.