Forest Valuation Solutions

Capturing the value of forests is pivotal to all forest owners and investors. Our Forest Valuation Solutions combine state-of-the-art forest modeling tools, precise market data and automated procedures to provide cost efficient and accurate forest valuations for multiple purposes.

Services for valuing forests for multiple purposes

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Our Forest Valuation Services provide profound insights on the forest value components and can even include insights on the non-timber values, such as the value of the forest’s carbon. The services harness Simosol’s vast forest modelling experience of over 10 years in knitting together modern IT technologies and forestry.

About forests and value

At the end of the day, all forest owners are interested in the value of their forests. Forest owners may place different values on their forest or to a forest they wish to own. Depending on the stakeholder, the value of a forest is likely to consist of a combination of multiple values such as economic, environmental or other completely different and unique values.

At the best, forest valuations offer in-depth understanding of the value composition of forests, help forest owners to enhance the value further, guide decision making and provide insights regarding the non-timber values of the asset.

Because of the forests ability to function as a carbon sink and a provider of ecosystem services, capturing the true value of forests has become more critical than ever. It is inevitable that climate change, forest carbon sequestration and biodiversity will play an increasingly large role in determining the true value of forests.


Solutions for Valuing Forests and Impact Investments


Forest Valuation

Forest valuations focus on providing systematic reporting of the value of a specific forest asset or portfolio. The reporting focuses on the forward looking harvesting and cash flow estimates suitable for financial reporting purposes. The valuations can integrate timber sales, value of the forest’s carbon and other variables of interest.

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Forest Investment Analysis

Forest investment analysis is targeted to provide quick and easy to comprehend analysis for the purpose of forest asset transactions and greenfield investments. These services support investors and forest owners alike to analyse the value of the target forest asset and to map out carbon and biodiversity values of the asset.

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Our People to Help You

Miika Malmström

Head of Forest Valuations

+358 503038066

Miika is heading our forest valuation business including the implementation, development and sales of the related services and products. He has nine years of diverse project-work experience in the forest sector including assignments related to forestry, forest industry, forest policy and field experience from 16 different countries. His main expertise is forest economics with a focus on forest valuations and investments.

Juho Penttilä

Head of Carbon and Earth Services

+358 407767945

Juho is heading the Natural Climate Solutions, developing and commercializing our carbon related product portfolio. Building on top of solid track-record as an expert in sustainable forest management, forest resource assessment, and forest investment advisory, he is heading the integration of climate smart forestry into our forestry IT and advisory solutions.

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