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Jussi Rasinmäki


+358 400382364

Jussi is one of the founding partners. He has extensive experience in the field of biomass resource analysis and sustainable utilisation optimisation. Having earned his PhD from the Department of Forestry in University of Helsinki in forest management planning, Jussi has led the teams on projects in five continents to put the research into practise.

Antti Mäkinen


+358 405836162

Antti is one of the founding partners, leading the software development and valuation business. He has over 15 years of professional experience in the valuation of forest assets, decision support software development, short- and long-term forest planning, as well as analysing uncertainties in forest models. Antti has a PhD in Forestry from the University of Helsinki.

Juho Penttilä

Head of Carbon and Earth Services

+358 407767945

Juho is heading the Natural Climate Solutions, developing and commercializing our carbon related product portfolio. Building on top of solid track-record as an expert in sustainable forest management, forest resource assessment, and forest investment advisory, he is heading the integration of climate smart forestry into our forestry IT and advisory solutions.

Victoria Poljatschenko

Forest Carbon Expert

+358 503304800

Victoria develops and commercializes our carbon modelling services. Her academic background is in Forest Bioeconomy Business and Policy at the University of Helsinki. Having studied the overall climate impact of Finnish forest industry, she is specialized on the substitution effect of wood use.

Atte Saukkola

Head of Precision Forestry Services

+358 503663233

Atte is heading our Precision Forestry Solutions. He utilizes our software to produce a variety of services for our clients. He has versatile skills from the field of forest resource management, silviculture, wood procurement and forest industry. In addition to academic background from forest resource management, he has worked as an expert in several forestry and forest industry related assignments in various countries.

Miika Malmström

Head of Forest Valuations

+358 503038066

Miika is heading our forest valuation business including the implementation, development and sales of the related services and products. He has nine years of diverse project-work experience in the forest sector including assignments related to forestry, forest industry, forest policy and field experience from 16 different countries. His main expertise is forest economics with a focus on forest valuations and investments.

Nguyễn Xuân Đài

Forestry IT Specialist / Chuyên gia Công nghệ thông tin Lâm nghiệp

+84 949252323

Dai Nguyen is forestry IT specialist in Vietnam. After working for various years in large-scale forestry projects (FORMIS), he has built solid expertise in managing forestry data and plan-optimization. Thanks to his academic background in computer programming from the Hue University of Sciences and the Da Nang College of Technology, Dai provides unique support for our forestry clients in and outside Vietnam. — Đài là chuyên gia CNTT về lâm nghiệp của Việt Nam, anh ấy có nhiều năm làm việc trong các dự án lâm nghiệp quy mô lớn (FORMIS), đã xây dựng được những kiến thức chuyên môn vững chắc trong việc quản lý dữ liệu lâm nghiệp và tối ưu hóa kế hoạch. Cùng với nền tảng vững chắc về lập trình máy tính, Anh ấy cung cấp sự hỗ trợ tốt nhất cho các khách hàng trong ngành lâm nghiệp của chúng tôi ở trong và ngoài Việt Nam.

Breno Gil

Operations Manager

+358 503417551

Breno is Operations Manager, working with the development of the mapping, planning and monitoring solution projects with our experts. Breno is a Brazilian and he has a strong experience in the fields of International Relations and Economics, Business Management, Project Management, and Forest Economics, focusing in Eucalyptus growth in Brazil.

Outi Kekki

Marketing Manager

+358 405852621

Outi is responsible for the development, implementation and execution of our strategic Smart Forestry marketing communications plans. She has gained her knowledge from several B2B companies during her over 10 years’ career. Because of her engineering background, Outi gets excited about analytics and figures to measure the effectiveness of actions taken in conjunction with business area owners and the sales department.

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