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Apr 1 • 1 min read

Simosol Oy, MosaicMill Oy and Cubiq Analytics Oy to be merged to AFRY Management Consulting Oy

AFRY will merge Simosol Oy (Finnish Business ID 2090992-4), MosaicMill Oy (Finnish Business ID 2289797-1) and Cubiq Analytics Oy (Finnish Business ID 2752985-2) to AFRY Management Consulting Oy (Finnish Business ID 2302276-3). AFRY acquired these companies in 2021. The merge is effective as of April 1, 2022.

The merge is part of the local corporate structure simplification process and will not affect services provided by these companies. Their services will continue to be provided by AFRY going forward.

Simosol Oy and MosaicMill Oy, which are specialized in smart forestry digital solutions, were acquired by AFRY on June 1, 2021. Cubiq Analytics Oy, a consulting company delivering end-to-end data and analytics consulting and solutions, was acquired by AFRY on September 1, 2021.

The three companies to be merged form AFRY X Finland business area, which brings together AFRY’s leading digital expertise and key digital technologies in one place.

On the effective date of the merger, AFRY Management Consulting Oy will assume all rights and obligations of the companies to be merged. All invoices after the effective date of the merger are to be handled by AFRY Management Consulting Oy.

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