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May 26 • 2 min read

Simosol + AFRY = Smart Forestry

In early 2019 Simosol announced a partnership with AFRY (former Pöyry). Over the past year we have successfully joined our forces in projects of varying scope and scale. At Simosol we have benefitted from AFRY’s insight and networks to further develop and market our solutions.

For our clients, the value of the collaboration is in the combination of AFRY’s market insight and understanding of the different forestry value chains, and Simosol’s technical solutions. This enables, for example, the optimisation of complex value chains, as outlined recently by Antti Kaartinen from AFRY.

A prime example of our successful collaboration is a recent project in Russia. The project was related to wood supply strategy development, and in the project Simosol and AFRY carried out an extensive forest resource assessment (totalling to almost 100 million ha, i.e. almost 4 times the size of forest area in Finland) utilizing satellite imagery, AI, and field inventory data. Furthermore, Simosol simulated the development of these forests over the next decades using IPTIM software and its cloud processing routines. The project is a unique example of how modern technologies enable forest inventory and planning at a massive scale.

At AFRY our expertise is applied under AFRY’s Smart Forestry platform. Simosol has a critical role in the development of these offerings, including solutions for asset inventories with AI, forest asset modelling & simulation, increased supply chain visibility and optimisation, and assessing forest carbon balance & forecast scenarios. While we both continue to further develop our core expertise areas and complementary skills, we also increasingly invest in developing joint expertise and offerings on selected topics.

We want to thank the experts at AFRY for the support and commitment during the first year of collaboration. Despite the exceptional times we are living, the future looks bright.

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