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Sep 30 • 3 min read

Our contribution to the restoration of Earth’s forests: New York Declaration on Forests (part 1/3)

Simosol is proud to be part of the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) which aims to protect and restore forests across the globe. According to the NYDF, halting deforestation, increasing forest restoration and improving forestry practices could cost-effectively remove seven billion metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually, equal to eliminating more than all of the car emissions in the world today.

This description of our contribution is divided in three blog posts, first one being an overall summary of different solutions and methods. In the second post we will tell more about how satellite images, log tracking and carbon analysis can help restore forests, and the third post consists of solutions for long-term sustainability of forest management.

The NYDF established 10 Goals for the project as presented in the following image.

The NYDF Global Platform and Simosol’s contribution

The NYDF Global Platform supports the NYDF endorsers by providing resources and convening key stakeholders (incl. forest experts) to accelerate sustainable and equitable forest action.

In Simosol, we are pleased to contribute to the NYDF given the alignment of its goals with the benefits which our solutions provide organizations all over the world. Here we provide some examples:

  • First, with the use of advanced remote sensing analyses we support the protection of forests by generating periodical reports on forest fires, illegal felling, and the completion of harvesting activities in any forest-ecosystem in the world. The same approach can contribute towards achieving the fifth goal of the NYDF, “Restoration”. We are able to conduct large scale mapping of land cover and land uses to ultimately identify the best suitable areas for restoring degraded landscapes and forestlands.
  • We have also delivered systems for tracking individual logs from felling areas all the way to the delivery to their customers, thus providing support for the chain of custody and tools to fight illegal wood trade.
  • Also, aligned with the “Reduce Emissions” and “Forest Finance” goals, Simosol has developed a comprehensive forest carbon analysis that tracks the fluxes of carbon between the atmosphere, vegetation, soil and wood-based products. This is the basis for building and implementing better strategies to reduce emissions with the help of forests.
  • We have created multiple solutions to ensure long term sustainability for forest management. One of these solutions, forestry software IPTIM Assets, integrates robust and accurate data-management, modelling and planning tools. IPTIM Assets provides forest owners and forest service providers high-end technology to maintain their assets, create long term plans with stable wood flow, and make sure future fellings will not decrease carbon storage.

We will tirelessly continue to develop services that will enable making better decisions to ensure sustainability in the management of forests and commercial plantations all over the world.

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