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Precision Forestry
Apr 22 • 2 min read

From the forest to the mills – How to ensure an efficient supply chain

Smart Forestry webinar series: AFRY x Simosol, 4/5

Optimised and efficient wood supply chain requires solutions for real-time monitoring, visibility, and control. In our fourth Smart Forestry webinar we presented practical approaches and options for these.

The following aspects were covered:

  • How to ensure an efficient supply chain
  • Transparency as the basis of sustainable wood sourcing
  • Real-time tracking providing data for continuous improvement
  • How to maximize the productivity of harvesting fleet to minimize operational costs

The webinar shows how the whole cycle of “measuring, planning, execution (and measuring again)” aims to create a continuous process of learning and optimisation, integrating the three levels of planning (strategic, tactical, and operational) and operations execution monitoring. In this webinar Mr Jani Kaskinen and Dr Jussi Rasinmäki were joined by M.Sc. Daniel Meneses, who is a Product Owner at Simosol with extensive background in building advanced IoT systems for tracking and data visualization.

Watch the recording below:

Smart Forestry webinar: Wood Supply Chain

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