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Dec 14 • 3 min read

Happy rest of the year – a new X-citing one is coming!

As of June 2, AFRY has acquired Simosol Oy in hopes of becoming a stronger player in the field of Smart Forestry, in which Simosol specializes. The actual integration process is due to start immediately after the turn of the year, on January 1, 2022. Jussi Rasinmäki of Simosol states that becoming part of AFRY will yield many benefits, and the integration does have its challenges.

United forces, shared dream

Joining AFRY was a logical step for the growth of Simosol, according to Rasinmäki. The company had grown to a point where it was best to join forces with an organization that could ensure further growth by grace of its plentiful resources, and the two shared a similar vision of Smart Forestry that conclusively blessed the union. Rasinmäki clarifies: “Of course, we are seeking new customers and we aim to grow with their help, but also to develop what we can offer to our existing clients as well.”

The vision of Smart Forestry that AFRY and Simosol share is to offer comprehensive digital solutions to their customers, which requires plenty of resources. Thus, coming together was beneficial for both parties. In the words of Rasinmäki: “Now, it’s solely up to our performance, how well the growth will succeed.” He assures that, despite the integration, little will change for all intents and purposes. The same people will provide the digital services in the future, and all established communication will also remain the same, in that sense.

X-hilarating new home

Simosol has now found its place within AFRY. In November, a new AFRY division of digital services called AFRY X was announced. Consisting of teams both in Finland and Sweden, AFRY X includes a digital forestry business unit where Simosol will fit in. Before the announcement, there were some questions in the air about the role of Simosol, but Jussi Rasinmäki is very pleased with the introduction of the new division. “We clearly have a very suitable home in the form of (AFRY) X, a division that purely focuses on digital business,” Rasinmäki says.

AFRY X will be launched on January 1, and it’s the most important day in the integration process from a customer’s perspective. Starting then, all business will be done as part of the new organization. The integration period will extend until April 1, 2022, when Simosol Oy will cease to exist as a separate entity from AFRY. 

Not going anywhere

Rasinmäki hopes the process of integration will be smooth, and that the customers can already benefit from the extended selection of services during it. He admits that having a clear end date for the integration clarifies the picture, since old administrative duties will also end by then. “Until that, we will be living under a merging period, but when it will be over, only the positive sides of the unification should be left to be seen.” 

Rasinmäki concludes by sending his regards: “We will still be here, just under the wings of a new operational environment. We gladly expect to continue our cooperation with you!”

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