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Feb 18 • 2 min read

Digital inventory of the forest – Exact information instead of averages

Smart Forestry webinar series: AFRY x Simosol, 2/5

The need for exact information from the forests, acquired at regular intervals, is growing, and the technology with AI algorithms increases the efficiency. Fast development has made the accurate data available for both small forest owners as large companies at a reasonable price.

In our second webinar recording in this series, Jussi Rasinmäki of Simosol and Jani Kaskinen of AFRY Management Consulting focus on digital inventory of the forest, exploring key benefits and possibilities enabled by the latest technology:

  • Digital inventory benefits for the forest supply chain
  • How to create accurate inventory
  • What are the commonly used technologies today
  • What are the new technologies and possibilities
  • How to integrate new ways of digital inventory into the forest management process

As a guest speaker, Ismo Hippi from MosaicMill provides insights on the latest drone sensor and data processing technologies.

Check out the second webinar recording below:

Smart Forestry webinar: Digital Inventory

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