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May 25 • 1 min read

BI-ON: experiences and solutions for bioenergy investments

BI-ON is the first bioenergy congress held in Colombia organized by the Cali Chamber of Commerce. Companies from multiple sectors attended the event and shared their experiences and solutions related to bioenergy projects:

Mr. Santiago Velásquez, Simosol Oy
  • Mr. Cristobal Vernaza (Grupo Manuelita) explained how the company has saved millions of dollars in energy expenses, and created more than a thousand jobs, simply by transforming their operational residues into energy that they now use to power up their own operations.
  • Mr. Fernando Schwartz (ENCE) highlighted that biomass investments not only overcome the challenges of intermittent renewables; the sun doesn’t always shine, and the wind doesn’t always blow; but can also decrease the volatility of binary electricity markets. In Colombia for example, the current energy mix is mostly hydro and thermal.
  • Mr. Santiago Velásquez (Simosol) shared solutions for accurately assessing the operational and financial feasibility of any bioenergy investment, small, medium or nation-wide.

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