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Forest Valuation Solutions
Oct 9 • 4 min read

Automated forest planning supporting both forest industries and forest owners

Sustainable and predictable supply of wood is essential for the forest industry. As a way to activate and commit forest owners many larger companies offer comprehensive forest management services to forest owners. These include electronic service portals which are used to manage and visualize forestry data, update forest management plans, communicate with forest owners, and carry out timber trade. At the core of these services are the planning tools developed by Simosol.

Automated planning adds value for all parties

Simosol’s automated planning solution IPTIM Optiops is integrated into the electronic service portals of the biggest forest companies in Finland. The AI-assisted tool creates alternative forest management plans for forest owners. The plans consider different objectives, such as maximal returns from timber trade, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration. From the provided plans the forest owner chooses the plan which reflects his/her objectives, after which the plan is automatically sent to the forest experts of the companies. The plan is then used as a basis for further communication and operational planning. In practice the application maximizes the benefits that forest owners get from their forests, activates forest owners to carry out silvicultural operations and sell timber, and decreases the time spent for the preparation of management plans and purchase offers. For several years IPTIM Optiops has been an integral part of the largest forest companies’ electronic services, and our customers such as Stora Enso have found it a valuable tool.

Etapio brings automated forest planning to a new level

The Etapio application developed by Simosol expands the reach of our automated forest planning services. Etapio addresses the forest owners’ need to get comprehensive and understandable information about the different options they have in forest management and the effects their choices have. Etapio allows forest owners to set the weight of their different management objectives (revenues, biodiversity, carbon sequestration) and produces a forest management plan accordingly. The application also enables interactive communication between the owners and the forestry experts. Through the solution the forest experts and service providers can obtain up-to-date information of the needs of forest owners, use the information to tailor their services and better serve their clients. Etapio also serves the whole forestry sector, i.e. forest owners, forestry service providers, and wood consuming industries. Etapio is developed in cooperation with Tapio Oy for Finnish market.

The value of forests now and in the future

Automated forest planning is also the backbone of our web-based forest valuation service (, currently available in Finland only). The service enables fast and up-to-date forest property valuation following the internationally accepted standards. Through the service anyone can purchase a comprehensive report describing the true market value of any forest property in Finland, as well as the income-based net present value under an optimized forest management scenario. Automated net present value forecasting is also built into Etapio, and the service is found useful also by e.g. insurance companies which can utilize it in their processes.

Towards true precision forestry

All forest planning processes require up-to-date and precise forest resource information. The accuracy of forestry data can sometimes be improved cost-efficiently by using satellite imagery and auxiliary data sources, but in order to get the most accurate information one must still go into the forest. Field measurements can however be replaced by drones, which provide significantly better data accuracy compared to the traditional forest evaluation methods. The drones detect each tree in the forest, after which the information can be modeled at tree level., a new service platform developed by Simosol together with MosaicMill Oy, makes high precision forest planning available to forest owners around the globe through an interactive portal. The service also enables accurate mapping of forest damages and provides a detailed estimate of their economic impact.

Simosol’s planning solutions support sustainable wood supply chains and enable better services for forest owners. Let’s discuss about your business and it’s future prospects!

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