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Precision Forestry
Jan 29 • 2 min read

Accurate data enables Precision Forestry

Smart Forestry webinar series: AFRY x Simosol, 1/5

What opportunities can Precision Forestry provide for Your company? What are the key components of it?

On January 2021 we started a series of webinars organized jointly with AFRY Management Consulting. The webinars provide insight to advanced forest asset management, which is a defining factor towards mitigation of climate change, with digital enablers and operational efficiency presenting significant opportunities that benefit the environment, society and businesses.

In this first webinar recording Jussi Rasinmäki of Simosol and Jani Kaskinen of AFRY Management Consulting talk about differences between traditional forestry and smart forestry, share the big picture across drivers and technologies that enable advanced forest asset management and shed light on the benefits of precision forestry as well as on common challenges to achieve accuracy including:

  • Digital inventory
  • Increased precision in forestry
  • Nutrition and pest/disease monitoring and control
  • Wood flow modelling and optimization
  • Optimising use of resources
  • Efficient use of wood raw material

View the first webinar recording below:

Smart Forestry webinar: Smart Forestry

All Smart Forestry webinar series recordings

Part 1: Accurate data enables Precision Forestry

Part 2: Digital inventory of the forest – Exact information instead of averages

Part 3: Simulation and optimisation – Detailed and reliable plans enabled by accurate data

Part 4: From the forest to the mills – How to ensure an efficient supply chain

Part 5: Carbon and Diversity – Incorporating corporate objectives and values

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