Smart Forestry


Climate change mitigation is approached through sustainable and climate positive forestry services. The ever broadening recognition of forests as Natural Climate Solutions is increasing the need for advanced digital decision support tools with comprehensive modelling capabilities. And it is not only about carbon. Incorporating multiple objectives and values in forest management planning is vital for ensuring long-term sustainability.

Modern technologies and digital tools enable new approaches and methodologies in forest management. Precision Forestry utilizes detailed and accurate data collected throughout the value chain. Our advanced solutions for forest inventory, simulation and optimisation, and wood supply chain management harness the power of big-data and predictive analytics for continuous improvement. Digital transformation starts here.

How do we do this?

It all starts from the data. The data can be either from the client or from other sources like the open data or, for example, from machine fleet. Data goes to the analytics engine that provides support for planning. The customer is in the center of the planning phase, providing the objectives for planning, whether they are economical, ecological or social. After that the plan goes into action, which is monitored. The monitoring data provides feedback to a new loop of data acquisition and planning, aiding in making simulations, optimizations and analyses more precise.

To all of the phases we have software solutions to help with the whole process from the data collection to the decision making and operative planning.

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Watch a video of our services for Tornator

Tornator is a modern forestry company managing over 700,000 ha of forests. For several years the company has invested heavily on digitalisation, with our solutions forming the core of their planning system.

Our Forestry Solutions Making a Difference

15 M ha

of forests supported

40 bn €

worth of total assets supported

2.5 MtCO2

of quantified forest carbon sequestration

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